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Portable cup holder! Available in Eleven Popular Team Colors! Browse Our Inventory to purchase our Drink Clip and Belt Clip Cup holder!

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Our Portable Cup Holder.

Stop worrying. No more misplacing your favorite beverage. No more spilled drinks at social events. No more trying to figure out how to carry your plate, eat and hold your drink at the boss’s pool party. No more “Spilled Beverage Panic Attacks!” There’s never been a drink clip or beverage holder like the Drinkclip before. Now you can clip it, and clip it good to tailgates, tables, stadium seats, beach chairs, boats, canoes, and more. Choose from eleven different colors.

  • Perfect for Coffee Cups, Beach Chairs, Lawn Chairs, and more!
  • Portable cup holder for outdoor activities and events!
  • Tailgate in style by choosing your favorite team color!
  • Mountable rotating arm clips almost anywhere!
  • A hands free moment anywhere a cup holder is needed!

Tailgate with your favorite team color!

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  • Drink at the beach

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We’re more than just a universal cup holder. Visit our gallery to see the many uses of our Drink and Belt Clip!

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User Reviews

My yak is pretty baseline and doesn’t have any of the fancy built-in cup holders that my fellow paddlers’ boats have. I bought one of these, hoping it would work, and was very pleasantly surprised. In fact, the drink clip has been a lifesaver on some of my longer kayaking trips (I rolled my yak one time trying to fetch a water bottle from between my knees).