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Small Beach Chair Solutions with a Big Impact

Drink at the beach

Whether you are relaxing in the sun on your beach chair or you are having a blast at a tailgate party, small inconveniences can really ruin your whole experience. Thankfully, it is also small and ingenious solutions that can give you freedom, convenience and can ultimately save the day.

Tailgating, is one of the most fun activities out there and although it started in the US, it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And what’s not to love about it – it involves a lot of beer or other beverages, barbecues, food, friendly people and of course fun. However, there is only one issue that can almost ruin your tailgating experience. Wandering around, meeting old and new friends and having fun can be hindered by the fact that you always have to hold your beverage in your hand. Often you will have a beer in one hand and a hotdog in your other, and you are basically unable to use your hand for anything else besides drinking and eating. And getting a Belt Clip Cup Holder is a simple yet great solution to this problem. It can be attached to a belt and allows you to have a drink, or even a number of drinks, at your disposal with your hands absolutely free at all times. It is lightweight, but durable, and guarantees your drink will never be out of your reach.


Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Day on the Beach


Being at the beach during those hot summer days is rally one of the most relaxing activities one can imagine. Not a thing to worry about and it is just you, the sea, the sand and a cup of cold drink. However, unfortunately, chairs are usually made only for sitting, and this could prove to be quite annoying when you are looking for a safe place for your drink. The relaxing day at the beach can become a never-ending struggle to keep your drink from tipping over. It is exactly small things like this one that can ruin your whole experience. Fortunately, it is also small and smart solutions that save the day and your drink. With a simple Beach Chair Cup Holder, your drink will always be safe and just at the place you want it. This ingenious solution can be clipped on almost any surface and will ensure that your cup is firmly and securely positioned exactly where you want it to be.


Both the Beach Chair Cup Holder and the Belt Clip Cup Holder are simple yet ingenious solutions that give you freedom, a safe way to store your drink, and can ultimately save the day from these small but inconveniences that can ruin your whole experience. These products are a great addition for both ordinary customers who are looking for a couple of these handy solutions, and vendors who are trying to offer a new great product to their customers.

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How to carry an entire 6 pack at your next tailgate without using your hands

belt drink holder

Tailgating can be very exciting. But to make the most of it, you need to prepare. There are numerous items that should be considered when tailgating, and among those would be the idea of having multiple beverages while on the move. You might be worried about walking around, having to by a drink at a vendor booth because you’re so far from your cooler. Well, you no longer have to. If you ever wondered how to carry your six pack around your next tailgate without the use of your hands, then the best option is to consider the use of our great and helpful product known as the Belt Clip.How to carry drinks while tailgating

Why tailgate with a belt clip?

This product is indeed useful in numbers of ways. Not only could it be used for holding numbers of drinks once while walking around, you can also easily clip it onto a purse, waist belt, diaper bag, beach bag, and more! This product is available in multiple colors therefore it would be a lot easier to find cup holder that would match favorite team or accessories. With this product, you could definitely enjoy sporting events, outdoor activities, and cookouts. No need to walk back and forward to a cooler. Just clip drinks to your belt and you have refills right within the reach of your hand.

Are you tired of misplacing you beverage during hot summer events? With your drink by your side, you never have to worry about picking up the wrong can. The Belt Clip also holds drinks up to 32oz. Perfect for holding items from small cans, up to stainless steel Yeti Rambler’s.

Make your next tailgate a blast with the Belt Clip by Drink Clip LLC. Or click here to shop now!

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How to Tailgate In Style

Drinkclip youtube cover

Are you one of those people who frequently attend or host tailgate parties? If so, then you must be one of those who have experienced spilling your drinks often or losing your cup after going to another area just to get something. Losing your cup and trying to get another one can somewhat be inconvenient especially when you are already having fun and are trying to keep up with an important conversation. In addition, the worst thing that you would not want to experience repeatedly is spilling your beer and start freaking out with everything.

Regardless of where the location is, tailgating is a fun activity that many individuals would surely do not want to miss.  If you are looking for ways on how you can tailgate in the most stylish way, you can get a cup holder like the DrinkClip Cup Holder. This is sure to be the answer for stylishly attending these after game parties or get-together for sports fans.

What Makes DrinkClip Cup Holder a Stylish Item for Tailgating?

There are many reasons why DrinkClip Cup Holder is considered as the most stylish item you can bring or use in a tailgate party. Some of these reasons are the following:

  • No more misplacing or taking the beverage of another person
  • Forget about figuring out how you can carry your plate and cup to enjoy your meal at a party
  • It can hold any cup either for a cup of coffee or any beverage
  • You can clip it anywhere such as tables, beach chairs, stadium seats, and a lot more.
  • It is available in different colors that will absolutely match your personality.

With all of these reasons in mind, you can now get the chance of enjoying your meal at a party like a boss. It can also give you the ease of enjoying an entire game while in a stadium as you can conveniently clip on the stadium seats and prevent spills or other accidents while holding your cup.

Tailgating Will Never Be as Stylish and Convenient with this Cup Holder

Whether you are attending a tailgate festival or any event in your area or are hosting them, you would always want to make sure that you would have a convenient time talking with other people and enjoying some snacks. In case you prefer having a tailgate party and want to make it stylish and leave a lasting impression to all partygoers in your area, having several pieces of this DrinkClip Cup Holder is sure to be a great idea.

Staying stylish is not really a problem as you have a lot of color choices. You can choose to get all the available colors to make the party more interesting and at the same time let everyone take their pick for the holders. After the party, you can keep one for yourself and use it daily just to make holding a cup more convenient. Clip it inside your car and allow it to hold hot cup of coffee or any favorite beverage while driving as convenient and stylish as you want it to.

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New awesome site. Same awesome Drinkclip

drink clip holder

Drinkclip users are active users. We know you’re on the go, so we have updated our site to maximize quick loading times, easy to follow navigation, and overall ease of use. We also updated our mobile site, so getting your Drinkclip on the go just got easier. Stay tuned. We will be updating you here from our blog.