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Small Beach Chair Solutions with a Big Impact

Whether you are relaxing in the sun on your beach chair or you are having a blast at a tailgate party, small inconveniences can really ruin your whole experience. Thankfully, it is also small and ingenious solutions that can give you freedom, convenience and can ultimately save the day. Tailgating, is one of the most fun activities out there and although [...]

How to carry an entire 6 pack at your next tailgate without using your hands

Tailgating can be very exciting. But to make the most of it, you need to prepare. There are numerous items that should be considered when tailgating, and among those would be the idea of having multiple beverages while on the move. You might be worried about walking around, having to by a drink at a vendor booth because you’re so [...]

How to Tailgate In Style

Are you one of those people who frequently attend or host tailgate parties? Regardless of where the location is, tailgating is a fun activity that many individuals would surely do not want to miss. If you are looking for ways on how you can tailgate in the most stylish way, you can get a cup holder like the DrinkClip Cup Holder. This is sure to be the answer for stylishly attending these after game parties or get-together for sports fans.

New awesome site. Same awesome Drinkclip

Drinkclip users are active users. We know you're on the go, so we have updated our site to maximize quick loading times, easy to follow navigation, and overall ease of use. We also updated our mobile site, so getting your Drinkclip on the go just got easier. Stay tuned. We will be updating you here from our blog.