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About Drink Clip!

Drink Clip LLC is located and head quartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina. All of our products are locally manufactured in the United States in support of the local economy. The Drink Clip cup holder is a product conceived and birthed out of necessity in the mind of JB. During a hot summer day on the Carolina Coast, JB struggled to keep his drink from tipping over and as the family played around him on the beach. His favorite chair didn’t have a cup holder, and he wasn’t prepared to replace the chair that had seen him through many happy summers so quickly. He was faced with the need to find a better solution for keeping his drink from spilling over on the beach.

From that inspiration, JB began developing the Drink Clip cup holder. As he developed the product, he gave special consideration to key cup holder factors. He wanted a cup holder that could hold larger cups as well as the standard kitchen glass. He wanted a cup holder that wouldn’t give under the load of a 32 oz. stadium cup. He wanted a cup holder that was flexible in its applications so that it could be clipped and used in a variety of positions. JB engaged friends, family members, co-workers, students, and manufacturers along the way to arrive at the perfect design. Through this collaborative effort, he learned that many others had faced similar cup holder needs in other applications. Some needed a versatile cup holder for tailgating. Others needed a cup holder for camping and boating. Some saw the need for a special cup holder for scrap-booking and the computer desk arena. It seems that the applications for this clip on cup holder were broader than JB initially anticipated.

From those original key features plus the added insights from others in the collaborative process, JB developed the Drink Clip cup holder as we know it today. Once the design was finalized, JB set out to find a manufacturing facility that could produce the Drink Clip cup holder locally, responsibly, and economically. He successfully found a firm in South Carolina to manufacture his new cup holder, and immediately set out to solve the world’s cup holding needs by supplying the Drink Clip.