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Small Beach Chair Solutions with a Big Impact

Drink at the beach

Whether you are relaxing in the sun on your beach chair or you are having a blast at a tailgate party, small inconveniences can really ruin your whole experience. Thankfully, it is also small and ingenious solutions that can give you freedom, convenience and can ultimately save the day.

Tailgating, is one of the most fun activities out there and although it started in the US, it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And what’s not to love about it – it involves a lot of beer or other beverages, barbecues, food, friendly people and of course fun. However, there is only one issue that can almost ruin your tailgating experience. Wandering around, meeting old and new friends and having fun can be hindered by the fact that you always have to hold your beverage in your hand. Often you will have a beer in one hand and a hotdog in your other, and you are basically unable to use your hand for anything else besides drinking and eating. And getting a Belt Clip Cup Holder is a simple yet great solution to this problem. It can be attached to a belt and allows you to have a drink, or even a number of drinks, at your disposal with your hands absolutely free at all times. It is lightweight, but durable, and guarantees your drink will never be out of your reach.


Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Day on the Beach


Being at the beach during those hot summer days is rally one of the most relaxing activities one can imagine. Not a thing to worry about and it is just you, the sea, the sand and a cup of cold drink. However, unfortunately, chairs are usually made only for sitting, and this could prove to be quite annoying when you are looking for a safe place for your drink. The relaxing day at the beach can become a never-ending struggle to keep your drink from tipping over. It is exactly small things like this one that can ruin your whole experience. Fortunately, it is also small and smart solutions that save the day and your drink. With a simple Beach Chair Cup Holder, your drink will always be safe and just at the place you want it. This ingenious solution can be clipped on almost any surface and will ensure that your cup is firmly and securely positioned exactly where you want it to be.


Both the Beach Chair Cup Holder and the Belt Clip Cup Holder are simple yet ingenious solutions that give you freedom, a safe way to store your drink, and can ultimately save the day from these small but inconveniences that can ruin your whole experience. These products are a great addition for both ordinary customers who are looking for a couple of these handy solutions, and vendors who are trying to offer a new great product to their customers.

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