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How to carry an entire 6 pack at your next tailgate without using your hands

belt drink holder

Tailgating can be very exciting. But to make the most of it, you need to prepare. There are numerous items that should be considered when tailgating, and among those would be the idea of having multiple beverages while on the move. You might be worried about walking around, having to by a drink at a vendor booth because you’re so far from your cooler. Well, you no longer have to. If you ever wondered how to carry your six pack around your next tailgate without the use of your hands, then the best option is to consider the use of our great and helpful product known as the Belt Clip.How to carry drinks while tailgating

Why tailgate with a belt clip?

This product is indeed useful in numbers of ways. Not only could it be used for holding numbers of drinks once while walking around, you can also easily clip it onto a purse, waist belt, diaper bag, beach bag, and more! This product is available in multiple colors therefore it would be a lot easier to find cup holder that would match favorite team or accessories. With this product, you could definitely enjoy sporting events, outdoor activities, and cookouts. No need to walk back and forward to a cooler. Just clip drinks to your belt and you have refills right within the reach of your hand.

Are you tired of misplacing you beverage during hot summer events? With your drink by your side, you never have to worry about picking up the wrong can. The Belt Clip also holds drinks up to 32oz. Perfect for holding items from small cans, up to stainless steel Yeti Rambler’s.

Make your next tailgate a blast with the Belt Clip by Drink Clip LLC. Or click here to shop now!